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Education Is a Family Affair:

Home Education Mentoring That Celebrates Individuality and Strengthens

Family Ties

True North Learning is a simple process that empowers parents, customizes curriculum, and increases a child's innate confidence...through having an advocate and accessible mentor to help you every step of the way in your homeschooling journey.


-- Cate Wallace, CEO of True North Learning

“You HAVE to take this class with [Cate]. You will not find a professor more passionate about the subject or more willing to help you. She is incredibly personable and really wants your participation and feedback. This isn't a blow-off class, but if you put in the effort you will learn a lot!”

- Former Student of Cate

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

Some Common Concerns with Home Education...

  • Do you want to find a simple way to homeschool your children?
  • What if you could focus your children's education based on your family's religious and moral values?
  • Do you want a way to balance teaching your children with other responsibilities such as work or household chores?
  • Have you ever wanted a simple method to create a structured routine with effective time management for your children's education?
  • Do you have questions about socialization and finding opportunities for your children to interact with their peers?
  • What if you could have access to the support and resources you need to homeschool at the click of a button?
  • Do you wonder how to tailor education to each child's unique needs and interests?
  • What if you could provide your children with a better life and successful future through the gift of lifelong learning?

If so, just know many others have been there and you’re not alone...


Does Home Education Leave You Feeling Lost and Overwhelmed?

You want to raise your children with a strong foundation in religious and moral values. You know from experience that today's school systems are unable to provide the learning environment necessary for your children to thrive. So, you decide to educate them at home.

The only problem? You don't know what you're doing.

You search for the answers about resources you need, programs to use, and how to provide a good learning environment.

However, you discover there are so many different options and varied opinions that you feel overwhelmed and at a loss of what to do.

You might even question your resolve to educate your children at home...

Or worse, feel forced to keep them in a deteriorating system in the hope that you will figure out what to do before your children lose interest in learning.


Home Education Helps Children Build More Confidence, Character and Creativity

When children have the freedom to pursue their passions and learn in ways that work best for them, they are more likely to feel confident in their abilities. They develop good character and express their creativity while gaining the skills they need to be successful in life.

Imagine providing an education like that for your children... grounded in faith, family, and values.


True North Learning Provides Parents an Exceptional

Home Education

Mentoring Experience

True North Learning was born from my desire to provide parents just like you the tools and resources they need to create values-grounded, home-centered education that builds intellect and character, strengthens family bonds, and prepares each child for a successful future.

True North Learning focuses on gaining the critical tools necessary to learn, namely:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Computation
  • Grammar
  • Observation
  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Oratory

These tools provide a solid educational foundation to enable your children to learn any subject and become life-long learners.

If you are a parent who wants to take the reins of your children's education and see them succeed, I invite you to join our community and experience the difference an exceptional home education method can provide.

How This Program Is Different:

This Is A Program With A Clear Focus: To Change Lives


Religion-grounded, home-centered, parent-guided education that builds intellect and character, strengthens family bonds, and prepares each child to progress, create, and serve.


To mentor parents in establishing home education that utilizes the timeless tools of learning to discover and hone each child's gifts and talents.


To provide an accessible and seasoned mentor to help you on your homeschooling journey, as well as a resource platform that assists parents to create a learning environment conducive to each child's personality and desire, and to foster each child's spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth.

Sign up for True North Learning Today

True North Learning is for families wanting a safety net, a seasoned educator, and an accessible mentor as their problem solver.

In this program, you'll have access to all the links and downloads you need for your children's home education, as well as access to the training videos regularly uploaded that you can watch at your convenience. There is also a family-to-family forum, which is a community where you can collaborate, ask questions and bounce ideas off of each other. You will also have access to the instructor to ask questions inside the forum.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • The Necessary Home Education Downloads and Links
  • Printable Worksheets for Your Children
  • Training Videos to Help You Each Step of the Way (with More Videos Added Regularly)
  • The Family-to-Family Forum to Connect with Other Families & the Instructor
  • One Free Assessment of One Child

Total Value: $1,497/mo

Monthly Price: $49/month

After the 7-Day Free Trial

Quarterly Price: $124/quarter

After the 7-Day Free Trial

Yearly Price: $439/year

After the 7-Day Free Trial

What People Are Saying about Cate's Teaching...

"You Are an Amazing Teacher!"

"You are an amazing teacher! Thank you for being such an uplifting and positive person."

~ Former Student


[Cate] is a great teacher who cares for students and their success. She is great at making sure students understand material. LOVE HER!"

~ Former Student

"Any Student of Hers Would Be Lucky to Have Her"

"[Cate] is amazing. I've never had a teacher who was so expressive on her desire for her students to understand the course and to pass. She would constantly give us instruction and really made sure that we understood the concepts. Any student of hers would be lucky to have her."

~ Former Student

Who This Is Perfect For...

Parents Making Their Family a High Priority

Parents Wanting to Give Their Children the Chance to Succeed

Parents Feeling Overwhelmed with Their Children's Education

Parents Wanting to Give Their Children a Better Education

Parents Wanting Access to a Mentor to Ask Questions

Parents Wanting a Proven Method for Successful Home Education

Don't Take Our Word For It...

See What Others Are Saying About Cate

"I am learning a lot in your math class, but your example and love for God is the most important lesson you are teaching"

"Today in class, you said something that deeply impacted me; when we were talking about the exam, you said: 'this exam is only to glorify God.' [Cate], thank you for saying that; thank you for making me understand that all my daily actions must be directed to bring glory to our Lord. I want you to know that I am learning a lot in your math class, but your example and love for God is the most important lesson you are teaching. Thank you for all you do to glorify God."

~ Leo O., Former Student

"It has been such an amazing experience. I have learned

spiritual and educational skills"

"I just want to let you know that I’m so grateful and happy to meet you this semester. It has been such an amazing experience. I have learned spiritual and educational skills. Thank you so much for all your love, I wish you the happiest. I love you! I certainly can say that. Thank you so much!"

~ Eliana C., Former Student

"You made it possible for me to change my mindset, believe in my capacity as a son of God, and learn math"

"I want to express my profound gratitude for all your teachings and support throughout this semester. That was a great experience. I never had a good relationship with numbers, but you made it possible for me to change my mindset, believe in my capacity as a son of God, and learn math. Thank you for being so patient and supportive. Thank you for encouraging and inspiring us."

~ Ronaldo S., Former Student

"[Cate] Has Been a True Blessing in My Life"

"[Cate] has been a true blessing in my life, and I am entirely grateful to have her in my life. She is the best teacher I have had here at [college]. She teaches like no other has ever done. I have learned more than words can write and I have found a passion for Mathematics.... Her uplifting positive attitude has changed my life. I will always feel close to [Cate] and be entirely grateful for her for the rest of my life."

~ Alma L., Former Student

"One of the Greatest Teachers I Have Ever Had"

"Keep being amazing, [Cate]. You are seriously one of the greatest teachers I have ever had. Thank you for helping me to think and feel more deeply.... Thank you for caring."

~ Former Student

"I Will Be Forever Changed Because of Her"

"[Cate] needs to teach this class forever. I never understood just how important being involved with my community is and the importance of researching everything; especially nominees running for office.... I honestly thought this class was going to be another boring history class. I was wrong. [Cate] is amazing and I will be forever changed because of her."

~ Former Student

"Amazing. Inspirational. Motivational. Knowledgeable. Consistent. Dedicated"

"Amazing. Inspirational. Motivational. Knowledgeable. Consistent. Dedicated. Honestly, the list goes on of the good qualities of [Cate]. I originally stayed in the class because it was required for my degree, but after the first day, I was intent on staying and learning from the passionate Cate Wallace. She teaches like she's got a purpose, and in fact regularly told us what that purpose was. She intends to lead as many people to search for truth as she can. If we had a question that wasn't part of the lesson, she'd...invite us to look it up. If we got on a tangent that she thought would make a good research subject, we would look it up. She helped me like Government! SHE'S A MIRACLE WORKER. In all seriousness though, Cate Wallace is a keeper. Please keep her as long as you can..."

~ Former Student

"You Always Made Me

Feel Important"

"You were awesome!! You are so sincere. You never made me feel dumb, EVER. I have always struggled feeling dumb until I walk into your class. I have never felt so welcomed for who I am. No matter what I know and what I struggle with, you always made me feel important. You've been the best teacher I've had my whole life. Thank you for caring for the class and thank you for teaching so well."

~ Former Student

"Thanks for letting me join your class today. Excellent job on using many students to teach each other. You are a master teacher."

~ Sheri S., Supervisor

"I love your care and concern for each individual student. Great focus on learner questions instead of teacher agenda. Very clear instructions for concepts that learners struggle with."

~ Denice L., Supervisor

"You give clear directions and expectations, relevant and helpful homework. You encourage learning by the Spirit and to be lifelong learners. Your personal attention [to each learner] is fantastic."

~ John B., Supervisor

4.5 Star Rating on Rate My Professor!


Cate Wallace

"Miss Cate", as she is affectionately known, has 10 years teaching and researching experience under her belt and a passion for seeing others succeed.

After teaching hundreds of students and diving deep to understand how people learn, she has developed some of the best methods, curriculum, and resources for learning effectively. She understands learning is an individual matter and each person needs a customized structure in order to succeed. And though she understands learning is an individual matter, she also knows education is a family matter.

Through her program True North Learning, Cate provides parents with the tools and resources they need to create a dynamic and effective learning environment for their children, helping them reach their full potential and achieve academic success.

With her extensive knowledge and expertise, she has earned a number of impressive accolades and accomplishments, including:

  • Bachelor's in Criminal Justice from the University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Bachelor's in History from the University of Utah
  • Minors in Middle East Studies, Arabic, Accounting, Business Management, and German
  • Master's in American Political History from the University of Utah
  • Master's Thesis accepted as a finalist in the National Competition for best research in the field
  • College curriculum writer in mathematics and American government
  • Fluent in German, French, Italian and basic Arabic
  • 14 years experience as a professional accountant in government, private, and non-profit sectors


There’s Zero Risk For You With Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you follow our simple, step-by-step home education method, you will see results... GUARANTEED.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are Answers to the Questions We Most Often Get...

Is this program easy to follow? How will I know what to do?

We understand the pressure you are under to teach your child. That's why we created a simple, easy-to-follow program to help relieve some of that pressure. This program will give you step-by-step what you should do. Follow the plan in the order it's presented and you will know exactly what to do.

How do I have access to the instructor if I have questions or concerns or need extra mentoring?

You can reach out to the instructor anytime via the family-to-family forum or email her at She will reply to you as soon as possible.

Do my children need an assessment? Can we start the program without it?

You can start the program without an assessment of your children. The assessment is to know what level your children are at with their education, what their prominent skills are, and what to focus on in their education going forward.

What does the assessment include?

The assessment encompasses a set of face-to-face interviews with the child where I ask specific questions that target:

Reading Skill

Reading Comprehension Skill

Handwriting Skill







Confidence Level

Can I assess my child or do you need to?

You are welcome to assess your own child. However, you will get a free assessment of one child when you subscribe to the program. You can also choose to pay for an extra assessment of your child anytime.

What if I have more than one child? Can I use this program for all of my children?

This program is applicable to any age or level and can be used with all of your children. That is because it focuses on the needs of the individual child instead of a standardized curriculum.

Do you have a refund policy?

No. Because of the nature of digital information, we cannot give a refund. However, we have something better. If you stick to the step-by-step plan we give you, we guarantee results for your child. You can also cancel at any time.


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